Covenience store CCTV upgrade in Leamington Spa

We were contacted by a busy convenience store in the Whitnash area of Leamington Spa, after their CCTV system developed a fault. The previous installer had been unresponsive to their maintainence requests, which led them to search for a new company to handle their security needs.

After meeting with the owners for a short consultation, we came to the decision to upgrade the main recorder unit, along with several cameras in key areas of the store to further enhance their security. 

We linked this system to the owners’ smart phones, so that they can easily view both their home and their store’s CCTV cameras in one app. We also linked two TV screens in the store, allowing them to see both an overview and a single more detailed view at the same time. 

If you’re looking to get your very own Hikvision CCTV Installation in Leamington Spa, please feel free to contact us.