LED Security Lighting

A majority of break-ins take place during the night, as burglars can work undisturbed under the cover of darkness. Security lighting is a simple and cost effective way of illuminating your property and deterring would be thieves.

Motion Activated Lights

Our security lights feature PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detectors, which are able to sense movement and turn on the lights automatically. This is especially useful for areas that don’t require constant illumination such as gardens, alleyways and paths. The bright flash of light attracts attention from neighbours and can be enough to stop potential intruders in their tracks.

LED Technology

The security lights that we install all feature LED technology, which provides the following benefits:

Highly efficient – LED bulbs draw very little electricity, so the lights produce little heat and are inexpensive to run.

Instantly bright – Unlike some older types of energy saving bulbs, LEDs do not require time to ‘warm up’, so they are at full brightness as soon as they switch on.

Maintenance free – LED bulbs have a lifespan that is measured in tens of thousands of hours, meaning that you’ll never need to worry about changing a blown bulb again.

Smart Security Lights

We also install a range of smart security lights with built in cameras, such as the Ring Floodlight Cam, which features a HD resolution camera and a user activated siren to ward off any unexpected visitors.

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