Commercial CCTV install for Coventry City Football Club

We received a call from Coventry City Football Club in the summer of 2021, as they were looking to secure their new ticket office and merchandise shop. We popped down to the store and after having a chat with the managers, builders and shopfitters, we were able to draw up plans for where best to locate the new CCTV cameras.

Our reputation and numerous five star Google reviews, in addition to our detailed plans and speed at which we could start the security installation, were all factors that swayed management’s decision to award the contract to our company.

The grand opening of the store was fast approaching and there were many trades still in the building. This made the installation quite challenging, but we were all able to work around each other to get the store complete in time.

We fitted multiple cameras around the store, which provided detailed images of the shop floor, stock rooms and customer checkout areas. The CCTV installation took around two days overall, which included physical installation, software configuration and staff training.

The managers of the store are very happy with their new security cameras and kindly allowed us to take some photos of our hard work. If you are also looking for security cameras for your commercial premises, please feel free to drop us a call.