Network cabling install in Coventry

Our clients for this network installation are a local construction company who specialise in HMO conversions for student accommodation. We installed twin ethernet ports in each of the five rooms to ensure that all tenants are able to receive reliable a internet connection.

The RJ45 ethernet ports are connected to cat5e cables, which run inside the walls, down to the main internet router. We also installed a 16 port gigabit network switch, which acts as a splitter to distribute the incoming internet connection to each of the rooms.

With the cabling infrastructure in place, extending the range of Wi-Fi signal to the upper floors becomes an easy task. The tenants can simply plug in a wireless access point which will provide a strong, local wireless connection for all of their mobile devices.

If you’re looking to reliably extend the reach of your home or business network, please feel free to drop us a call for a free consultation.