4K CCTV Cameras

4K CCTV cameras are the latest development in the security camera world and are our cameras of choice for any high end installations. They offer eight megapixels of resolution, which is four times that of older 1080P HD CCTV cameras, which only offer two megapixels.

This increased resolution allows them to capture and record the finer details in an image, such as faces and number plates, at greater distances than would be possible with conventional cameras.

4K IP Cameras

Our 4K CCTV cameras are based on network IP technology, which captures and stores surveillance footage digitally. This means that the finer details of the image are preserved, as they not are not prone to interference.

These 4K images are stored using H265 video encoding technology, which allows longer recording times and less storage costs.

4K with Hikvision Darkfighter

A common compromise with high resolution cameras is their night vision performance. Our 4K cameras feature Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology, which uses larger image sensors and high quality lenses to ensure your CCTV cameras capture detailed footage both day and night.