4K IP CCTV Cameras

4K cameras are the latest development in the CCTV industry – they offer four times the resolution of 1080P high definition cameras, resulting in crystal clear images.


Every image is composed of many small coloured points called pixels. Resolution is simply a term used to describe how many pixels an image is made up of. Hence, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image appears.


1080P high definition TV broadcasts started around 2006, just in time for the world cup and were a huge bump in quality over older standard definition feeds – 400,000 pixels for older standard definition TVs and over 2 million for newer HD TVs.


As time has passed, technology has progressed and newer 4K TVs now have over 8 million pixels! This same cutting edge technology is used in our latest 4K CCTV cameras, enabling them to see finer details from distances that were not conventionally possible.


We perform thorough testing on all new technologies, to ensure we only install only the best equipment for our clients. The below pictures were produced from our most recent round of testing and show the huge improvements a 4K image sensor makes.