Vandal Resistant Cameras

CCTV cameras are an effective measure for deterring crime – burglars and vandals are always looking for easy targets and upon seeing a professionally installed security system, many simply move on. Despite this, we have attended security consultations where the client’s existing CCTV system had been tampered with or damaged, prior to a burglary attempt.

We take security seriously and carefully plan our installations to ensure ongoing peace of mind for all of our clients. Mounting a CCTV camera out of reach is the easiest and most effective way to reduce the risk of vandalism, but height isn’t always a luxury that we are given.

This is where our range of vandal resistant dome cameras come into effect. They provide the same great image quality as our standard dome cameras, but house all their technology in a hardened polycarbonate dome.

The dome also provides an excellent IK10 impact rating, which means the camera can withstand a 5KG weight dropped onto it from a height of almost half a meter! In addition, it prevents the camera from being repositioned, ensuring it is always facing and recording what you need it to.

Take a look at some pictures of our installations below, where we’ve fitted these cameras with great results.