Hikvision PTZ camera install in Coventry

Our client for this PTZ camera installation found us on Google after searching for Hikvision CCTV installers in Coventry. They were impressed by our reviews and got in touch for a consultation.

Unfortunately, the street they live on does not provide driveway parking, so standard CCTV cameras may not provide coverage of their car overnight, depending on where they park.

For this reason, they opted for a Hikvision PTZ camera, which can be moved around and zoomed in from the Hik Connect smart phone app. This gives our client peace of mind, knowing that their car will be protected by their CCTV system, no matter where they park.

If you are also interested in our range of Hikvision CCTV cameras and would like a tailored consultation for your security needs, please feel free to contact us for more information.