Varifocal CCTV Cameras

CCTV security is not a one size fits all business and so it’s important to understand the different options available. One aspect to consider is the type of lens, as its what determines how far or wide the camera will be able to see. Lens come in two types – fixed or varifocal zoom.

Motorised Zoom Lens

Our standard CCTV cameras come fitted with a fixed 2.8mm lens, which allows them to capture a super wide, 90 degree angle. This is perfect for eliminating blind spots, as they give wall to wall coverage when placed in the corner of a room or garden.

Our varifocal lenses can be electronically adjusted between this super wide 2.8mm view, all the way up to a 12mm zoomed in shot. This provides a 4x optical zoom and enables the camera to pick up fine details of objects in the distance.

We’ve installed varifocal CCTV cameras for a variety of clients with great success – whether it be a homeowner looking to protect their garage at the end of the garden, or a business owner who would like a clearer view of their car park entrance.

PTZ Zoom Cameras

For surveillance at longer distances, we recommend our range of PTZ cameras. These cameras feature motorised housings which allows them to pan and tilt, in addition to powerful zoom lenses which range from 15x to 50x zoom capabilities.

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